Hi again Garena Pinoy Gamers!

Weíre now on Part Two of our special blog guide to the new (and may I say genius piece of technology) Garena Messenger.

This is the part where all the fun begins as we bring you an in-depth guide on how to play Garena games using the messenger.

Weíll start off with, of course, the Classic Garena DotA Client for Garena Messenger where you can play your favorite DotA games on.

Itís basically the same as the old Garena client but with better features. Now you will know whether a user is using Garena Messenger through a special icon. If one has that icon then you can instantly add him up as a buddy on Garena Messenger by right-clicking on his name and clicking on Add Buddy

Of course, aside from the classic Garena DotA client, we have lots of other new and exciting games to offer you and they are:

Go Kart
Go Kart is Garenaís hottest online racing/social game. Developed by Tencent, Go Kart is an ultimate all-around game. Aside from the racing feature, it also has:

- a highly customizable avatar feature with hundreds of items to choose from, from hats to clothing to shoes and even tattoos.

- an upcoming dance mode feature similar to (or even better than) previously released dance games. Itís like having another game inside a game.

- a great social system! you can leave your car, go to the beach for rest and recreation. There, youíll get to meet other racers, chat with them, hangout, have a date, or you can just simply go AFK, and still gain EXP!

- the best part, itís FREE TO PLAY!

Download this great game from www.gokart.ph and start blazing your way into the fast lane!

Heroes of Newerth

A successor of the famous DotA map. Developed by S2 Games, Heroes of Newerth boasts of high-end graphics, reconnection system, intensive stat tracking and a great ladder ranking system.

DotA players would surely find Heroes of Newerth easy to learn as it has a lot of similarities with DotA including most of the heroes and their skills as well as the very layout of the battlefield maps.

Destiny cannot be denied! Download Heroes of Newerth now.

League of Legends

A multi-awarded MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or DotA-genre) game developed by Riot Games, League of Legends could possibly be one of the best games ever created. With the minds behind DotA working on League of Legends, it surely is a worthy successor to the most played custom map in the world and surely is the next best DotA.

The goal when building League of Legends was to evolve DotA beyond the limitations of the Warcraft III Engine and give players a new experience with entirely new content while capturing the familiar feel in an entirely new and expanded game. New features include:

* Automated matchmaking, to make finding a good game easy and play with people the same skill level as you are
* The ability to reconnect to games if you have disconnected
* Completely new and original playable champions (and cool skins for each champ, whoooa!)
* Client-server network model with no host advantage so you donít lag even if the host or any other player is lagging.
* Advanced stat tracking
* In-game interface and controls designed for this style of play
* Account-level progression, adding out-of-game strategic depth and customization, known as the summoner system
* Regular updates with many more features to come!
* An improved mini-map that shows your championís pathing or a line that shows where your champion is going
* Multiple maps, (Summonerís Rift, Summonerís Rift: Winter, Twisted Treeline, The Proving Grounds)
* Features that make teaching the game to your friends easier, (game tutorial, bots, suggested items)
* And more!

So what are you waiting for? Download League of Legends now and see you at the Fields of Justice!

So what are you waiting for guys? Start your downloads now!

See you on the third and last part of our walkthrough guide to the Garena Messenger as we bring you the other features youíll find with Garena Messenger that you will surely love!

For those who missed the first part of this guide, you can read it here

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