Greetings Garena Pinoy Gamers!

Looks familiar? Yes! that’s right! It’s the classic Garena Client, the very client we all play Dota on, but this time it’s integrated into one genius piece of technology that will change the way Garena gamers chat and play.

The ultimate all-in-one in online gaming is here: The Garena Messenger!

The Garena Messenger is Garena’s newest and coolest gaming platform / messenger / you-name-it-we-got-it program that brings in a whole new gaming experience. Imagine an instant messaging program (say something like YM or MSN) with your favorite games added to it!

Don’t know how to use Garena Messenger yet? Then do not fear! Through this special three-part blog edition, we will guide you through the ins and outs of our new awesome messenger.

To start it off, you can download Garena Messenger from

Comes with cool themes! whoa!


First on our list, of course, is how to login on the Garena Messenger. Simply login with your existing Garena account or you can register one if you don’t have one yet. Login screen also comes with cool themes depending on which game shortcut you opened (HoN, LoL, Go Kart, or the classic Garena Messenger theme as shown above).

You can also set your Garena Messenger to remember your password, login your account automatically upon opening or launch automatically whenever Windows starts.

You can start with updating your nickname and status by clicking on the respective boxes on top of the Garena Messenger.

You can also choose an avatar to use from many of our currently available cool avatars by clicking your current avatar (for example: the ninja, Kennen, on the screenshot below)

Lots of avatar choices!

ADD UP AND CHAT Now you’re ready to add up your friends and chat! To add a buddy:
Simply click on the Find Friend / Group button.

Click on Add User and type in your friend or buddy’s Garena username or UID
Click on Search
Click on the Add as Buddy to proceed. You may include a personal message so that your friend would know who you are :P

Once you’ve added your friends, it’s time to chat. Simply double click on a buddy listed down on your list (just like in any messenger program) and you can start chatting with your friend. Chill out with them, talk about the latest topics or even invite them for a game. It’s that easy!

Garena Messenger also comes with a conference/multi chat feature. Simply click on the Invite Friends to multi chat button found on the upper left side of any chat window and you can start inviting other friends to chat altogether.


You can also group up your friends under categories so you can easily find them. Simply right-click on the My Friends header, click on New Category to create a new category for your contacts.

Right click on a contact on your list and select Move to > Category of your choice to group your buddy under that specific category.

And those are the basic things to know about Garena Messenger’s Chat Features
Watch out for Part Two of this special blog edition as we bring you an in-depth guide on how to play Garena games using Garena Messenger! It’s where the fun part begins!

Credits to benj...^__^