He was driven additional and additional mad by his obsession with the thought that he had transcended his humanity, till he was eventually killed by church. looks to ME to be that if Khan and Mitchell area unit our 2 selections for World Health Organization Cumberbatch could be taking part in, supported the plot precis there is a sturdy likelihood that it’s indeed Mitchell. i do not realize you, however i am truly quite excited by that concept and by the distended plot potential. Gary Mitchell was a disciple of Kirk’s from Starfleet Academy World Health Organization, once passing through a Galactic Barrier, developed skills of thought transference and psychokinesis (amongst others).
Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Not solely did these powers alter what he was capable of doing – they conjointly altered his temperament, and he a lot of} became more cruel and egotistical. Two men hot-footing across an alien landscape as if they’ve got Usain Bolt at their heels. Someone yelling “If the volcano erupts, the planet dies!” A desperate plunge off a cliff. Last-second deliverance and then away into the night… Star Trek Into Darkness opens with thrusters on maximum – and then it puts its foot down.
With the origin-story, world-building, slightly tortuous parallel-universe-establishing stuff out of the way, J.J. Abrams embraces the chance to slip the leash in part two of his mission to make Trek viable, vibrant, cool again. Part one, a $385m hit in 2009, blew great clouds of dust off the decades-old franchise.