Copper Season 2 Episode 12 Watch Online Free Finally, the wait is over. After what seems like centuries, 's third kicked off with a kick (emphasis on the ) premiere on Sunday night.

Dropping us back where we left off last year, it seems that our has, in fact, been kidnapped by none other than Patrick Swayze's brother! Part of the charmingly named F**k You crew, Swizzle's bro and co having bundled their prize into a car, have a whale of a time topping up their V-levels from a natural and somewhat captive source. I say somewhat captive, because before they can even begin to enjoy their high, our breaks free of his bonds, and causes an almighty car crash, killing at least one of the crew. Stranded Copper Season 2 Episode 12 Watch Online Free and weak form His loss, goes to ground, but not before sending young Jess a signal she is yet to understand.

Sookie, understandably worried, has called the police, but as always with the Bon Temps' finest, enthusiasm is a little thin on the ground. , after all, is a grown man, and considering Sookie's initial reluctance to accept 's proposal, the police blame her. Furious, she pleads for help from everyone she can find, including an in flagrante . Cue lots of Copper Season 2 Episode 12 Watch Online Free averted eyes (she's just a tiny bit impressed) and a smidgeon of flirting, before the agrees to help, in an official capacity, of course.

Copper Season 2 Episode 12 Watch Online Free We are talking about , though, and he's always got another agenda. In this case, it turns out that although he has nothing to do with 's kidnapping, it's only because the F**k You crew beat him to the punch. This unexpected turn of events rather frightens the usually indefatigable , who threatens to go to ground if doesn't tell Queenie about this himself.

Copper Season 2 Episode 12 Watch Online Free With all the V-themed machinations, it seems that is a marked man, and the Queen would not be happy if lost him. Lucky then, that she just happens to drop by Fangtasia that night, with the magister in tow. They apparently need to ‘discuss' a sudden influx of in the area. They know a vampire is responsible and have come to for answers.