The Newsroom Season 2 Episode 9 Watch Online Free Back in Bon Temps, brother (Ryan Kwanten) is as dim-witted as ever and reeling from the fact that he shot Eggs. Detective (Chris Bauer) — who’s taken the shooting rap for his new-found friend — warns him that their story won’t hold up (“Why’d you tell them a story with holes in it?”) and instructs to act normal — which in his case, means bedding a lot of women. “I need to see a lot less conscience and a lot more cojones,” says to his pal, and gives him a new mantra: “Conscience off, d— on.” Afterward, dutifully tries to enjoy a threesome, but scares his partners off after telling them he keeps seeing bullet holes in their forehead (that’s one guaranteed way to kill the mood).

The Newsroom Season 2 Episode 9 Watch Online Free In other Bon Temps news, waitress is pregnant, is trying to get rid of the dead man she drained last , finds out he has a younger brother, and the Queen of Louisiana (Evan Rachel wood) arrives at bar to order him to “move the product,” meaning the she’s having him — and consequently fry book ) sell on the sly. Oh yes, and tries to kill herself by OD’ing on pills after her wretched mother forces her to listen to yet another pastor.

The Newsroom Season 2 Episode 9 Watch Online Free Overall, a solid start to the , though I’m a bit concerned there many be too many plotlines unraveling concurrently this . We have the main narrative thread of and versus, presumably, the werewolves, but we also have reconnecting with his family; dealing with her grief and doing unwise things; trying to settle the Queen’s affairs; and trying not to get caught; and dealing with her dead body and her affection for ex-boyfriend . Plus, we haven’t even been introduced to any number of new characters that have been teased in both promotional material and interviews with cast and crew.

The Newsroom Season 2 Episode 9 Watch Online Free What did you think, viewers? How happy are you for “” to be back on the air? Where do you think this is going? For fans of Charlaine Harris’s books, how closely to you think creator Alan Ball will stick to the plot of the third book?.