Garena CyberCafe Alliance (GCA) has just got bigger and better!

Introducing… GCA Premium

All the exclusive benefits a cafe get from the existing GCA program plus additional must-have perks to our uber popular MOBA title Heroes of Newerth! That’s right, GCA Premium will include benefits to players beyond your imagination:
  • ALL HON HEROES UNLOCKED!!! (Does not include early access heroes)
  • Access to ALL HoN Game Modes
  • Access to both HoN’s Basic and Verified match rooms
  • Ability to report players

To help you get a picture of how BIG of a value-for-money this additional perks give to players – Let’s do the math: To own all the heroes in HoN (not counting future releases which means additional purchases), a player would need spend a total of PhP 17,200.00. That’s how much each player will save, for sure the hundreds of thousands of HONatics out there will jump into and play at GCA Premium cafes. Get ready to be invaded!

Excited now? We’ve got more to share! In line with the launch of GCA Premium, we are going to have a couple of great promos!

FREE TRIAL to ALL existing active GCA Cafes!

As a token of appreciation to our loyal and valued GCA members, we are giving up to 1 month of GCA Premium Free Trial!
  1. Cafe must be an active GCA cafe as of October 24, 2011. Meaning, the cafe must currently be subscribed to GCA – any type of package or any number of machines are qualified.
  2. Garena Premium free trial period will be until cafe’s current subscription expiry date -or- for 1 month from start of trial (if current subscription expiry date is beyond 1 month from start of promo). Free trial is applicable only to subscribed machines, meaning if cafe has 10 units enrolled to GCA, all 10 GCA registered machines will have the GCA Premium trial.
  3. On October 24, 2011, we will activate the FREE TRIAL on all active GCA Machines. Players who logs in to HoN on GCA machines will automatically enjoy the benefits of GCA Premium.
  4. GCA Premium FREE TRIAL officially ends on November 23, 2011.

IMPORTANT: For a cafe to enjoy the full 1 month trial, a cafe needs make sure their current GCA subscription will expire later than November 23, 2011. Subscription expiring soon? You still have time now to renew your GCA subscription and even upgrade your package to maximize and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime trial on ALL your machines!

Early Subscriber Discount! October 24, 2011 to November 23, 2011

GCA Premium is officially pegged at PhP 150.00 per PC per month. For the benefits it gives, it’s definitely a great deal especially since it is as low as PhP 5.00 per PC per month only, plus count in the free weeks to months we are giving away!

But if you’re planning to subscribe now, you get the best deal with our promo rate of PhP 100.00 per PC per month! That’s unbeatably the cheapest it can go and you can only enjoy this rate if you enroll or upgrade your subscription to GCA premium during the promo period from October 24 to November 23, 2011.

Contact our Area Managers, Sales Agents, and partners (LoadCentral) for more inquiries.

  1. For the benefit and information of cafes interested in mixing their subscription with GCA Standard (the current GCA package) and GCA Premium, both will have the same expiration date. E.g. Cafe cannot have 5 PC with GCA Standard expire on December 13, 2011 and another 5 PC with GCA Premium expire on December 25, 2011. Both the GCA Standard and GCA Premium registered machine will have same expiry.
  2. For existing GCA cafes during the promo period, you may upgrade your subscription to GCA Premium by just paying an upgrade fee of PhP 45.00 per PC per Month (exact amount will be computed on pro-rated basis). This upgrade fee is only applicable until the current subscription expiry date. If cafe wishes to extend subscription, the promo rate of PhP 100.00 per PC per month will be applied as long as purchase is made during the promo period.

Experience the difference now! Be a GCA Premium Cafe