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Listed below are the most commonly asked questions by players / Garena members

Can I use my credit card to top up for my friend’s account?

We advise you to use one credit card to top up NOT more than one account. Otherwise system may recognize the transaction as “potentially fraudulent”.

There are other ways of topping up your friend’s account. Please visit for other options available.

You may also apply to become a validated paid user so that you can purchase and send items to your friend.

Can I transfer my Garena Shells from one account to another?

No, shells cannot be transfer, however you can transfer items by being a validated paid user

How would I be able to send gifts (be a validated paid user)?

To validate your account you need to have a purchase of one month old:

This means your account has to have a buying historial older than 3 month, if you don't then you need to wait still you can proceed to the next step. We need this time so we can be sure user is indeed a legit/legal buyer.

Provide us the necessary information:

Write down in word, pad or anything else your account name, payment channel used (paypal, google, etc etc), purchase history (amount of shells, date, etc), reason why you need the validation, and other related information you wish to add.

You can copy paste this format to be easier:
Account name:
Payment channel used:
Purchase history:
Reason why need validation:
Other information:

Now you should this to email to:

Wait for an answer:
Now all you have to do is to be patient and wait for an answer, an administrator will reply you about if your account was validated or denied.

How do I check my account balance?

After you log in at, you will see your balance. Or go to then click “My Account Detail”

How do I check my transaction records?

After you log in at, you will see your transaction records. Or click “My Account” button on the menu while you are at your payment gateway page.

I’ve made payment, but I don’t see Garena Shells in my account. What should I do?

The payment gateway may be processing your transaction, or there can be a delay when your purchase confirmation is sent from payment gateway to us. Please be patient. Check with the third party payment gateway, credit card company or bank account to make sure that the payment is completed.

If you do not receive your Garena Shells or any emails regarding your payment within 24 hours, please report to us here Note that certain payment means, such as e-cheque or bank transfer, can take up to several days to process.

What is transaction ID? How to find it?

Transaction ID is a unique 6 or 7-digit number that identifies a particular transaction. After you log in to Payment Portal click “My Account” button, you can find a list of your transactions, the transaction ID is shown there. Some third party gateway will show. Locate your 6-digit or 7-digit transaction ID there.

How to show my evidence of payment?

Different payment gateways may have different payment confirmation. You need to check with the gateway you have used. Here are some general guide.

For PayPal, a confirmation will be sent to your email account.

For e-wallet gateway, typically you can see a confirmation page (or emailed to you sometimes) after you’ve completed purchase, and typically you can check your transaction records on the online portal.

For mobile phone payments, the sms sent (load central E-Pins) to your phone serve as a purchase confirmation.

For Garena Prepaid Cards, the card pin/card number is enough

Why is my payment refunded? What should I do if I still want to buy Garena Shells?

Most of the refund cases are due to third party gateway or our system identifying the transaction as potentially fraudulent. This is a measure taken to forestall cyber crime involving stolen credit card information. We will refund the payment in order to protect the credit card owner, and at the same time ban the accounts involved. However, a small amount of legitimate user will be affected by this.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. To unban your account, please complete the form at, and attach your payment evidence for us to verify. You are also advised to restrict using your credit card for one account only.

What is Garena Shells?

Garena Shell is the universal online currency of Garena Gaming platform.

1 Garena Shell = PHP 10.00 (Ten Pesos only)
10 Garena Shell can already be used to buy 1 month Gold membership!

Garena player can use their Garena Shell to purchase many rewarding items, products and services. Check out what is available at Garena Shop now! Visit

Where can I buy Garena Shells prepaid cards?

We have started to make Garena Shells physical scratch card available in cyber cafes, convenience and sari-sari stores in the country! And we expect more outlets to sell them in the coming months, giving everyone easy and convenient way to get Shells!

To view the full list of Garena Shells prepaid card outlet, visit:

Alternatively, you can get Garena Shells ePIN (virtual code consisting of Shells card number and password sent to your mobile phone) through Load Central. Simply head to the nearest Load Central retailer in your area and ask for the following product code:
1) GM100 (1 month Gold membership or 10 Garena Shells)
2) GG200 (20 Garena Shells)

NOTE: We have set a controlled price for all retail outlets, with denomination starting from PHP 100.00, PHP 200.00, so on. Do NOT purchase retail outlets selling this card above the standard rate. Please contact us for any pricing concerns.

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